Seed Technology


A seed is a living organism embedded in the food storage tissue and the full proof process from production to distribution is described as Seed Technology. The full process contains seed production, processing, testing quality controls, storage testing, certification, marketing and distribution.

Seed Technology helps to touch following goals

(1) Rapid multiplication

(2) High quality

Seed Production

At first, breeder seed of registered varieties is procured every year from reputed Agricultural Universities across the country which are further multiplied at our own well equipped Research & Development centre by highly technical & qualified staff to make it genetically pure. We have also worked extensively in creating a germ plasm bank where many indigenous pure links are maintained which leads to release of promising selection varieties and f1 hybrids.
Foundation seed produced from breeder seed with a full proof care of prevention against crossing. Foundation seed is sent to the contract farmers staged in different locations across the length and breadth of our country in accordance to agroclimatic condition needed for production best quality of seeds. Bankim brand deals in over 250 types of crop varieties. Seeds are produced under the guidance of experience contract farmer solely recognized by their counterpart to produce for Bankim Prasad Ghosh & Co. Contract farmers work hand in hand with Agriculture graduates of our company for land selection, crop inspection and harvesting of final produce.

Seed Processing

Seed lots received from the fields usually contain several harmful and nagging elements like weeds, higher rate of moisture, damaged seeds, pre mature seeds etc. So, all are parts of processing like Tracing, Drying, grading and Cleaning - done in the processing factory situated at Belur. The whole process is done with automated machineries. Seeds are dried to a safe moisture limit and if weather does not found congenial for sun drying, we have an artificial sun drying machine having a capacity of 1000 kg per hour. Cleaning and Grading takes place after crops are dried to optimum moisture limit. Automatic Cleaning and Grading machine separate the pure bold seeds from immature seed, chaffy matter, inert matter etc.

Seed Testing

Seeds are tested for their quality parameters like germination, purity etc. So two samples are collected from our each seed lot :

a. Lab test.

Generally the viability of the seed is tested, to judge the germinating percentage. We also see that seed lots maintain high vigour and physical purity.

b. Field test (in our own R&D dept.)

Genetic purity are determined through the Field test.

Along with that moisture content and vigour test are also an indispensable part of our testing system to keep the quality of the seed intact. Even random samples are collected again for germination test at the time of Final packing.

Seed Packaging

After getting a satisfied result from both the test, seed is packed into containers/poly-pouches of specified net weight which consist of filling of seed containers to exact weight, affix tags containing relevant information as specified by Govt. of India under Seeds Act. 1966. Now the packet is ready to be distributed through distributors and dealers.

Seed Storage

After drying, seeds are filled in neat & clean bags properly disinfected. Each & every bag is tagged containing relevant information of the seed. The stakes are made on wooden pallets. Graded seeds are stored in scientifically built controlled godowns where both moisture and temperature are kept within safe limits to enhance durability of seed. After all we believe in “every seed is a life”

In our commitment to the consumer we add value at every step of treatment of seeds which helps us to be one of the oldest Indian seed company.